Garden Art

Our gardens and homes are places of comfort and contemplation.  We began carving words and images into slate 20 years ago in our rural Northern California studio and hang slate plaques with poetry and prose in the garden, in the orchard, next to the chicken coop; anywhere and everywhere we might pause, take a breath, and be grateful for the life and beauty around us.

We would like to share with you the peace and simple pleasure we have found in our own lives and invite you to create your own places for contemplation and comfort.

We would be pleased to be part of your process.

Slate, by its very nature, has variations in color and texture, and the pieces we create for you will have their own unique character and will closely resemble, but may not be identical, to the examples shown. We will pre-drill holes and include screws for hanging your slate.  Please take care to not overtighten screws; leave a bit of play to avoid slate cracking under pressure.  Each piece is made individually and we will ship within three weeks of date of order.  Prices listed include California state sales tax, and shipping will be calculated at checkout.

All work on this website is copyrighted by the artist.

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John and Kathleen Anderson